Friday, July 10, 2015

I got a peacock of felt in the mailbox !

TGIF ! We made it to the weekend without bouncing any checks, and we’ve enough to pay bills without putting any off, or being flat-broke all week, so I’m happy. 

Unfortunately, I came darn close to sleeping all day. Got some minor housework done, but not really much. Felt I ordered from an Etsy’s seller’s destash came in, and I easily got about twice what I ordered. She showed one 9x12-inch piece of a color in her ad, and I got four ! Gorgeous colors, too, shades I’ve never seen around here. I mostly wanted the pale yellow for a felt doll Elsa’s hair, but I can use it all, and there’s lots of it ! 

Bought a few more embroidery designs, and got a bunch more free, during an awesome sale at DigiStitches, and it took me a merry hour to get it all downloaded, sorted, and saved. It’s not that the connection was slow, there was just that much. All for just five bucks, too. 

I have really got to shake off this lassitude and stitch something already !

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