Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The beauty of 'your own thang' day.

After yesterday’s debacle – but a pretty good frozen pizza – I wanted some ‘don’t have to deal with anybody’ time. Unfortunately, my hunger had returned with a vengeance, and the best way to keep from eating this house down to the 1967 rafters was to finally get back to crafting something. Maybe it’s the Game Days static from the Family from Hades that has my slightly growing confidence shaken, but it’s time to shake off that (expletive deleted) and enjoy my own thang for a while. 

So, after downloading another dozen freebie embroidery designs, I decided to stitch one up. Belle’s skirt is decorated with my latest obsession, border patterns that might look good edging a skirt or pants. Those often make the most of the slightly-less-than four inch limits of my beloved Brody, and look great on dolls. Found several that are accompanied by a larger design so I can make a matching outfit, and more than a few already in the collection (aka, hoard) , but decided on this freebie leaf and swirl freebie. 

It was one of those ‘download first, find out if you can use it later’ ones. I kinda hate those. Don’t wanna take up time and bandwidth downloading and viewing just to discover that this so-pretty find is, once again, two inches too big. This one was, so I resized it. Sure, that’s easy with the free software I have, and  it looks fine in the picture, but it’s not good up close. You don’t know how much marker touch-up it needed, and you can’t see that it’s much more dense than it should be. Those stitches gotta go somewhere ! So I think I’ll just stick to what comes within – or just a twitch over – my limits. Luckily, I found several of those today ! 

Still, from a distance and in photos, this looks great on Belle. Used my simple straight skirt pattern with the unbleached muslin from the flea market. The tank top is from the Jen Wrenne Sew Along challenge earlier this month. As you can see, I finally did make purple shoes ! The floor tile she’s standing on is a free sample from Home Despot, I think.

Only problem is, I’m still hungry. . .

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  1. Wow, in the pic the design looks great. I don't know anything (at all) about machine embroidery, but would it be possible to break the image up into three pieces and hoop/sew them in three separate sessions?