Tuesday, July 21, 2015

On the nature of 'Dollar Spots' and other continuing rudeness . . .

Game Day ! At least this one wasn’t as bad as the last. Mom Circle was smaller, so we actually interacted instead of forming one big clique that didn’t include me. Mom I Don’t Get Along With was there, she criticized Dearest Son for daydreaming about winning the lottery. And that was before her other daughter, not the ‘I hate you’ one, but her slightly elder sister, noticed my tote bag. While I don’t expect praise from the younger set, when I went to pull our games out, her comments included a shrill, “Is that supposed to be Elsa ? It doesn’t look like her at all !”. Wonderful manners from that whole family. I’m starting to look back on my exclusion days with fondness. . . and people wonder why I’m a hermit now. 

But Dearest got time with his friends, that’s all that matters. Decided to spend our Target gift card afterwards, and since I had a few bucks, told him it was all his. He selected a big frozen pizza and a bag of M&Ms. I got a smaller pizza, an Elsa folder, a can of Pringles (reduced salt), and a pack of large push-pins. 

I discovered an odd thing at our local Tar-zhay. The gondola of small household goods – drawer pulls, hanging hooks, small tools – is completely gone. In its place was an entire one of Command-brand removable hooks. I was looking for the ole standard inexpensive two-prong screw-into-the-wall kind of hook, but instead, all I found was a whole wall of Command hooks and door-mounted organizers. The kind that are so big, you figure you won’t be closing that door again. Since all I wanted to do was hang up my ‘going somewhere’ clothes while wearing my ‘home’ ones, I really didn’t want to pay eight bucks when a couple of nails would do. Just wanted something a bit more refined than naked ten-penny nails pounded into the wall.  So, giant push-pins. Still have two left, and those were from the dollar side of the Dollar Spot. Don’t know about yours, but ours is mostly $3. things now.

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  1. WOW, what a rude little twerp that kid is! My mother would have smacked me for saying such a thing.