Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I found a digital fairy today !

Like this, but more nude. Spinny blade thing shows more, too.
Game Day ! Mom from Hades and the Heck Brats weren’t there this time, so it was actually pleasant. Played a game called ‘Set’ with S. and O., which was more challenging that it seemed at first glance. We stayed ‘til S’s family had to go, then we hit the thrift. 

Not much new, but I found an unusual Barbie for $1.60. Research showed she was “Sparkle Lights Fairy Purple”  (there was also a more ‘Barbie style’ one, called “Sparkle Lights Fairy Pink”) from Christmas 2010. Mine, of course, was sold nude, since she’s purple from her bust to her toes – if a doll doesn’t need clothes, that thrift would rather hoard them for more conventionally naked ones. I really like her face and short hair. I’m oddly split on her gimmick – she has a sort of spinning blade on her back that simulates animated wings with red LEDs. 

Due to the batteries necessary to operate that, she’s only jointed at her neck and arms. She can never sit down. Delightful as her gimmick is, it’s equally annoying, so I’m hunting for a suitably Snow White pale body to swap with. (heh) I think Snow would rather like to have a purple fairy body… this doll’s maybe a shade or two more tan than Elsa. Her head actually tilts forward, so it’ll avoid contact with the ‘blade’. Wish me luck finding a suitable replacement body !

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