Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Fabric bag ! Not bad for $3.

Look at all I got !

One good thing about the nearly all-day rain yesterday and all last night – it dropped the temperature a good twenty degrees ! It’s humid, but not heat-sticky, and everyone’s hoping the mid- 70s temperatures remain a bit longer. Unfortunately, it’s due to be back to the 90s by Friday. Wish that was as wrong as the ‘5+ inches of rain in 12 hours’ forecast was ! We barely got an inch total in 24 hours. 

For the first day in a week, Dearest Son and I stayed home all day. I’m still tired from yesterday (and the whirlwind that was last week), not to mention the guilt from all my spending finally settling in. Besides, we still had chips from yesterday, nothing I wanted at this point, but to rest and maybe start to catch up on the neglected housework.

Forgot to tell ya, I put batteries in Dancerella, and she worked like I just opened her 1977 box. I found her directions on an eBay seller’s listing - ’77 is the date on it - and she can do it all. I remember that, when we lived in The House on the Hill (the one with my Lab, in ‘08 !), I had a very damaged Dancerella who later found a new home with a younger doll fan, but I’d always kind of regretted letting her go. Even found Dancerella #1’s photos, and she’s definitely not the same one. My new one’s in much better shape – her crown’s not chipped, that was a dead giveaway – and the first one’s battery mechanisms didn’t work, as the chamber was corroded. So I’m really happy. Still have the doll magazine pattern for her, too, but I suspect she can wear Timey size clothes, or altered AG ones. Heavens know I got plenty of those patterns ! 

We also got the new tail-lights for Emmy-car in, and they fit and perform perfectly. Expensive, but so nice. At least I won’t have to worry about the cops pulling me over for them anymore – it’ll probably be for my bad driving instead ! Maybe next month we can fix her headlights. We already have her door parts ordered. Passenger door doesn’t open from the inside. While it’s not a problem in summer, as the windows are usually already down, making it easy to access the outside door latch, it royally ranks in cold weather and rain. Only way to avoid freezing or getting soaked is for the driver to run around and open the door for the passenger. I’ll be so happy when that’s fixed ! 

And, ironically, my Smithsonian magazine premium umbrella arrived today. Well, while I could have used it yesterday, I’m sure it’ll rain again soon enough.

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