Thursday, July 16, 2015

Not Much Thursday !

Kind of a quiet day, I really wasn’t much in a mode to go anywhere, but neither was I in a ‘create or die’ mood either. So I sorted through some stuff, stored some patterns, and figured out, once again, that I have so many patterns, I can’t really justify buying any more. The two I wanted, turns out, I have, with slight variations, already. Between Simplicity sales and Pixie Faire freebie Fridays, I have tons for a doll I don’t own (American Girls, to name ‘em). But I can tweak ‘em to get what I want, and free is always worth consideration !

So, not much to report – unless you wanna hear how well the recipe for Bacon-Wrapped Chicken went for dinner ! Dearest Son actually came back for seconds !

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