Sunday, July 26, 2015

Blue is so relaxing. . . especially when you already have a ton of it !

Didn’t win the FaceBook contest (and while the one that won was nice, I still think I did very well with mine !), darn it. Oh, well, maybe next time. I seem to do better with games of sheer chance than those that require I demonstrate any real skill. 

Started work on that doll dress Dearest Son commissioned. It’s. . . in need of alterations. Doesn’t fit any doll at all as it is. Gaps open at the front, armholes don’t fit, too big in the back, several parts are a real pain to sew. I also learned that just ‘cause it’s a PDF file, doesn’t mean it prints at the right size. The ‘one inch’ marker is maybe an eighth of an inch smaller than it should be. I can print it correctly, but I think that’ll just give me a whole new set of issues to work with, if a smaller version is already issue-laden. Since this went longer than expected, he won’t see it ‘til tomorrow. Hope he won’t be too disappointed – at least I told him ahead of time I was doing a test version first, so we wouldn’t use all ‘the good fabric’ (that we haven’t even bought yet) on bad tests. 

Meanwhile, here’s that embroidery machine doll shirt, from DreamCatcher Designs. I’d say ‘design’, but really, it’s merely the outline of a shirt, all those stitches at the hemlines are front-view only. It’s a pretty quick shirt, and has a lot of potential, but in its way, it’s also quite limited. I used the same fleece employed for my birthday hat, and the stretchy qualities were necessary here. It rather looks like cashmere in Elsa’s size ! I’m thinking of playing with it more, maybe trying some small designs on the shirt front, altering the hems with scissors and a regular sewing machine, seeing how other fabrics work out.

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