Monday, July 20, 2015

The mysteries of gigabytes. . .

Finally got all my files – journals, photos, patterns, embroidery designs, all that stuff – backed up. Curiously, my 32GB USB drive actually only holds 30GB, so I used a bit more than half of it. We found a great deal on it, HP brand, on Amazon for just $11. ! Wasn’t long ago that I was happy to find those for a dollar a gig. 

We have Game Day tomorrow, so I decided to give m’self a break and stay home, get some rest so I could remain calm and cool in anticipation of being in the same rooms as the Mom Circle again. I’m thinking of taking Dearest Son to Target afterward, use up our $5. gift card on a snack or something small. It’ll be nice to walk around, look at stuff, calm down with distractions before I’m a raging jerk at home. Let you know if it works !

If you’re still hunting – or you’re like me and you never stop hunting ! – for AG size patterns, I found two freebies today. Scoot on over to All Dolled Up, and admire all the pretty possibilities while you’re scrolling to the bottom of the page. I liked Let’s Twist Again and Let Freedom Ring, both very reasonably priced. Let’s Twist is only $2., if I don’t already have it, I’ll probably snag it at the first of the month. Anyway, scroll on down, and you’ll find free patterns for basic shorts and flip-flops, free ! Should be easy to adapt them to other dolls.

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