Sunday, July 5, 2015

And now, something for my eyes !

Today I think my ‘birthday week’ is about over. Oh, I don’t expect anyone else to celebrate my one day for a whole week – but I do ! It’s almost embarrassing how many new embroidery designs I’ve bought and downloaded for free. I keep saying I don’t need any more, but then there’s an awesome sale (one was 75% off !) and I usually find something ! But I’ve finally reached that divider between ‘pleasantly indulged’ and ‘spoiled freakin’ rotten’ and don’t wish to breach it. I need to create instead of shop, darn it !

But with the thunder and lightning outside, I wasn’t up to plugging in Brody and risk getting that machine fried. So I decided some regular sewing was in order, but after all the doll clothes these past few weeks, I wanted to make something else. A Craftsy notification informed me that there were new free patterns just posted, why not have a look, see if I wanted any ?

Well, ya’ll know me. Six new patterns later, I decided to try Hillside Quiltworks’ Easy Peasy Eyeglasses Case. I’ve needed a simple glasses case for my purse, especially now that I’m driving. Need the glasses to see, don’t need ‘em in the store, especially my prescription sunglasses. It’s uncomfortable to tuck ‘em in the neckline of my shirt, and pushing them to the top of my head ensures a 75% chance of snarled hair. Plastic lenses can melt in hot cars, shoving them in my purse unprotected is even more likely to damage them. While Dollar Tree carries cases, there was never one I liked. 

Since the spectacles shown were narrow reading glasses, I added a half inch to both length and width. Good thing I did, it’s still a bit of a tight fit. And I didn’t have any batting, so I used a fleece piece cut away from the birthday hat project. It gets tucked away inside, any color will work just fine. Denim came from Beloved’s jeans-to-shorts conversion earlier this week. Tested the pinking shears and embroidery scissors on this project, and they’re both awesome. Well worth the dollar a piece. 

It’s a bit thick at the seams and where it folds, but I like it. Only took about half an hour, once I had the fabric assembled and KJ threaded. Hoping to try the Travel Tray soon, especially now that I have a Kam Snaps setter. Yes, Beloved Hubby got that for me for my birthday – I had a hundred reasons not to buy one, but. . . well, maybe he knows me too well. It came in yesterday, and it is amazing. First one I tried worked perfectly. I’m gonna enjoy having this !

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