Thursday, July 30, 2015

The hazards of answering the door. . .

Didn’t get any sleep – I’ve developed a bad habit of crashing at midnight, getting up at 5am with Beloved Hubby, then crashing again after he leaves for work ‘til about 9am – because it was one thing after another today. At 8am, M & FIL appeared on the doorstep, again having walked the two miles to get here. (sigh) How do they always know when I’ve bought m’self some ginger ale ? 

Ended up inviting them to my lunch date with Dearest Son tomorrow – Taco Bueno’s giving away a chip and dip platter with any purchase. They’re broke, so I told ‘em it’s on me. I’ve been feeling kinda bad for not being in contact with them much, but after two days in PreviousTown in less than a week last month, I needed some space ! I don’t think they really understand how I can be with people too much, and desperately need time alone, but it’s not like I bother them with my psychological issues too often. They’re too busy with their own !

Mostly they bragged all about their older son while not even asking about Beloved Hubby, which is Reason #2 I tend to avoid them. Dearest Son was still asleep, and they didn’t think to ask about him ‘til they were leaving. It’s like they came over to keep me up to date on BIL, who’s a nice enough guy, but I don’t really need to be that enmeshed in his life, since he sort of dumped them on us and lit out, never looking back. There’s more in the mix, but I think you get the gist of it.


  1. ...What the crap? They walked two miles to come tell you all about a family member you don't really have contact with? In THIS heat/humidty? Something is definitely wrong with them.

  2. Just wait 'til I write tomorrow (Friday)'s entry. Yup, more of their usual tricks. And they wonder why the never see me. . . geez, they wear me out !