Saturday, May 9, 2015

It stopped raining for about 10 minutes, so I got a photo...

Just learned that the newborn Princess of Wales is named Charlotte ! I’m not a royal watcher – our Junior Prom theme was Merry Olde England, which ranked as a prom theme, lemme tell ya – so it’s funny to me that I gave a felt doll the same name as a baby princess. 

Up early to do some cherry-picking at a local grocers – great specials this week – and then I got to take Dearest Son to Dollar Tree. They were out of a lot of things, but I still managed to spend almost $20. Got some touch-up markers for embroidery (and hid ‘em this time, my formerly-full Sharpie cubby is completely empty, unless you count lint as a drawing medium) and a couple dishtowels for a craft I hope to complete next week. Also remembered to get some of those glass stones for the Pace vase I ‘made’ last week, and some sparkly tissue paper, which I need for two more projects. 

I also discovered two potential pricing errors on my grocery store receipts, so I hope to go back Monday and check. We live in a ‘Scanner Law’ state, so I’m entitled to some cash and free groceries, but we’ll see what happens. I gotta make sure I’m right first ! 

I just wasn’t in a ‘make something’ mood this afternoon, so I read over directions for next week’s projected projects but I don’t know how many will actually get done. I have two Dr. appointments at the VA Thursday, and with our tax refund due in soon. . . well, you know how I get when I have money. I don’t create nearly as much as I spend ! And I’ve barely touched what all I bought with the AT&T Rewards funds, or the first-of-the-month splurge. Using the heck out of that tear-away, though. I’d buy more, but it’s still stupid high priced. In fact, it’s now three times what I paid for it, which is beyond stupid. I wonder when the seller will clue in that the reason so many of us were buying it was because it was cheap…

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