Saturday, May 16, 2015

Well, truly, and completely now broke. Yaaay !

Fun, fun day ! Beloved Hubby had to work this morning, but came home by lunchtime. Just in time to help Dearest Son set up his ‘new’ computer ! Yes, the one he’s wanted for months came in today – the keyboard and mouse arrived yesterday, his big, huge monitor’s due Tuesday – and he was happy beyond words. Dearest wanted to brag, as he can set up and break down a system by himself in seconds, but Beloved understood. After helping changing his truck’s oil, I made lunch plates of yesterday’s leftover gyros – so delicious we ordered extra so we’d have leftovers ! – and we completed arrangements for Dearest Son to visit his grandparents for the afternoon, since his Thursday visit was cancelled. He had lots of bragging to do ! I’d drop him off, go on my Shopping Odyssey ™ and pick him up when he / they were ready, go back out if I wanted to. Sounded good to me ! It was great to see M & FIL happy and doing well in their new place.

Then I spent money like it was gonna catch fire tomorrow, and I don’t remember half of what I bought. Suffice to say that, once all my purchases hit my checking account, there’ll be 43¢ left. This is not unusual. I’m just happy it’s still a positive number ! I think some of my embroidery designs will have to wait ‘til the first of the month, which is fine with me, I haven’t used most of the last ones I’ve bought. But I got my Fiskars pinking shears, a pack of several generic scissors, half a yard of shirred MLP fabric, some black and gold netting material, Sweet Screams Ghoulia, a kitty themed notepad set for DMIL, a nice black and silver bandanna for DFIL (he loves and collects them), a 30-pack of mechanical pencils for Beloved, Dearest’s favorite popcorn, a grab-bag of felt, a jar of Zen Party trail mix, a fresh loaf of sourdough bread, an Elsa tote bag (last one ! I was contemplating buying one for $5. off eBay, but lucked out at Tar-zhay’s Dollar Spot instead), an Our Generation doll stand for the DP&M girls, a bag of SunChips, several sheets of patterned felt, some dishtowels, a sparkly July 4th hood decoration for the truck, a jar of pickles, a pack of deep green bias tape, and inexplicably, a new rectangular (not cube) box of Frozen facial tissues. I now have a collection of those. 

You may notice that I didn’t get MH ‘Haunted’ Porter Geiss. Despite what the website said, our Tar-zhay didn’t have him. And I looked. If I’d had to choose between him and SS Ghoulia, I’d have chosen her, so it’s all good. I’m also glad to report that the OG stand works pretty well, if loosely, with the Disney girls, with enough weight to it so it’s not a fall-over type Kaiser metal stand. Still planning to paint it, I’m not much on the not-quite-Barbie-bright shade of pink it is now. Since we got another pour-down rainstorm going on now with more forecast tomorrow, Beloved said if I wanted to go out again, it was fine with him. Perhaps. . . but it’s not like I didn’t already buy plenty to keep me busy ! According to receipts, I saved a total of $42.36. Not bad, considering I spent less than $90. !

Beloved’s oil change supply purchase came with a bonus of a free hat offer, so I got that all taken care of, and he chose the Dale Earnhardt Jr. one. About the time we’ve forgotten about it, there’ll be some odd, lumpy envelope in the mailbox. 

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