Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Oh, yeah ! I like me today !

The second fabric box came out really well, too, although I don’t think ironing down the triangle-folds did much. Because the second remnant (same print) was a bit more narrow, the box was slightly smaller, and by sheer chance, the word ‘Make’ ended up on one side, beside a star ! Perfect for the felt scraps. Contemplated covering some cardboard with matching fabric, to add to the bottom for more stability, but decided against it. Really not necessary, plus, I may be able to use some of the remaining bits on doll clothes after all, and after making two boxes, there’s not much left.

Oh, and I used one of a pack of sewing machine needles I got from the last Flea Market. I couldn’t figure why one needle was shorter than the others, decided it must be broken, but there were plenty enough needles in the pack to make the $1.50 grab bag worth it, not even counting the thread. Well, on closer inspection, it turns out that the ‘short’ needle is actually an unusually configured double needle ! Awesome, as I only have one, and hardly ever use it, even though there’s lots you can do with a double needle.

But today, I was obsessed with something else. On my Etsy Favorites (aka, wish-list) is a machine embroidery design that makes Mary Jane style AG -size doll shoes. I love those, all the characters I cosplayed as, back in my anime convention days, wore them. And I’d wear ‘em in and out of costume – more than once I had to color my socks to cover a hole in them for the costume contest, because the iron-on patches never stayed on. Only $6….

But, really, it’s the same shoe pattern I already have, with a strap. I wondered if I could add the strap m’self, it seemed pretty simple. And it was… but as usual, there were elements I hadn’t considered until I was in the middle of it. One, if I had to be careful cutting out the foot opening before – in one step, the felt, at the end, the stabilizer - I had to be even more careful so as not to cut the strap. Second, while turning the finished shoe right side out, the strap stretched, no matter how ridiculously careful I was. No real way to make it shorter, so next time, I’ll run a couple lines of stitching on the strap first, see if that helps. (grin) A good use for a double needle, for sure ! 

Still, I’m pretty happy with Tia’s new shoes. It’s hard to tell - rainy day here, not much natural light - but in the pair she’s wearing, the strap is inside the shoe. Simply by varying when it’s added, the strap can be on the outside of the shoe, in a contrasting color, too. I had a pink pair with black straps like that once. Could even add a buckle, if I wanted. Still have to try ribbon or elastic. Most of those options I wouldn’t have with that $6. design. So, yeah, happy !  

It's kind of funny. I've never had any real success with doll shoes before - but now, I have tons of ideas and what I try works ! It's like I just had to connect with the right form, the best medium, and poof ! Darn near instant shoes. So happy...


  1. The shoes came out great! Super-cute! Hey, I have some AG patterns, including shoes, that I bought on sale and never ended up doing anything with. Any chance you'd be interested in them? I'd be happy to send 'em your way! :D

    Hope you guys are okay, the weather is looking dicey this evening.

  2. We had a tornado in town, but it was (snicker) out by the mall and never made it to our side. Ranks for the twister, our Dollar Tree is much better ! :)

    1. Glad you guys made it through okay! They're showing some CRAZY flooding and stuff on the news.