Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sweater socks ! Or sock sweaters !

Just enjoying everything. It feels so good to have bills paid and a full pantry ! I’m a notary now – or at least, I will be, once I get my seal and surety bond, file copies of them with the state. Found out from a company selling a package of just those things ! So it won’t be long now. 

Dearest Son’s new camera came in, and he was so happy. I went ahead and gave him my mostly unused tripod, to his delight. He has so many videos planned ! He and Beloved Hubby installed Open Office and Gimp on his ‘new’ computer yesterday, and he’s happily writing scripts and typing up lists. I’m looking forward to seeing what he does with his photos with imaging software ! 

Had to return something, and it was next to a GoodWill. . . Beloved found four shirts and two pair of pants, I got a set of iPod socks. Outdated ? Sure. Useless ? Probably, I’ve never owned an iPod. I’m more of an MP3 kinda girl. But if you’re a doll person at all, you saw the same potential I did – doll sweaters ! Depending on the doll, sweater dresses ! Six for two bucks, whatta deal. Be sure to show ‘em off when I’ve opened ‘em up.

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