Monday, May 18, 2015

It's not the best crown - it bothers her ears - but Luna's a patient princess . . .

Today, Dearest Son decided he hates his CoolPix camera, you remember, the one he got at the pawn shop for $30. ? I took a few photos with it, and it’s fine, actually quite nice, better than any camera I’ve ever had. I figured he was trying to get too close to his subjects, so the shots were coming out blurry, but there are times that he just doesn’t want to hear logic and explanation, he wants to be upset. I offered to let him borrow my old camera, the Fuji FinePix, for his project, in hopes of calming him down a bit. He loved it. Since that’s the family camera, I ran it by Beloved Hubby first, then offered him a straight trade – FinePix for CoolPix. He was delighted. We both hunted up cords and manuals, and it was done. And that photo of Luna was taken with my new CoolPix. 

Don’t worry. He knows we can trade back if / when he calms down, but he’s already talking about saving for a High Definition camera. The one he has his eye on is an $80. Sony. I have no doubts he can save for the two months it’ll take. When he has his eye locked in on something, he’s almost as single-minded as his momma ! 

Then his new monitor came in today, and he was so happy. Luckily we could swipe the monitor cord from the PS3, I don’t think we’re going out again in all this rain !

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