Monday, May 4, 2015

Yaaay ! Made a fabric box and now have an ironing nook !

Happy Star Wars day ! May not be a fangirl anymore, but it’s still telling that I already knew all but three of these 37 Star Wars Facts. Yoda had a first name. Who knew ? Not me !

Busy day today. Found a milk crate full of cleaning stuff, rags, and spray paint, probably hastily filled then shoved in a corner of the garage during the move. So I went through it and reclaimed some fabric – grey t-shirt knit and cream thermals. Need practice in sewing and embroidering knits, and there were plenty more rags to go around. Dearest Son tends to wreck and outgrow his shirts at the same time, so they go to the rag bin instead of the donation box. I’m sure somebody somewhere will use the rest of the cleaning stuff…

Found the crate when I reclaimed a small white bookcase, also languishing in the garage. The bookcase was perfect to hold the iron, starch, water bottle and press cloths. Needed it because Beloved Hubby hung up our wall-mounted ironing board in a nook in the living room last night. Yaay ! It’s a lot easier to use now, but I didn’t think anyone would want to see it in the living room. My guys said it was no problem, so there it is. Repurposed an hourglass-shaped salsa jar and thrift store ribbon as a vase for some silk Dollar Tree sunflowers and added it to the top of the bookcase. Very pretty ! 

Then, after breakfast, I lingered over my fabric stash, debating which print to use for the boxes I wanted to make. Found a pair of scraps I really liked, always have, that I got years ago back when Hancock Fabrics sold remnants in grab-bags, not individually wrapped and tagged. It really was too big a print for doll clothes, the script is huge ! And I had two pieces in different widths – great, since the boxes don’t have to be the same size. Took a needle box apart and measured it, since the pattern directions create a box too big for my needs. Then, because things like words being upside down on a finished craft bother me severely, I cut the fabric pieces in half and re-sewed them so the words were correctly oriented. 

Then I got to it. Thanks to machine embroidery, I have pretty much darn near all types and weights of interfacing, so I didn’t have to wait, I had all I needed. It went pretty well, the fabric width was just right, and it didn’t take long at all. Broke a needle sewing down the first ‘triangle’ tuck-in, which didn’t surprise me, those parts were really thick ! And it was time to replace the needle anyway. Put in a needle more suitable to thick fabrics and went slow, and it went well. I think I’ll iron down the triangles on the next one, so it’s not so thick. 

This box is destined to hold some medical miscellany on my desk, and the next one is for felt scraps. Anybody need some thin cardboard former hypodermic needle boxes ?

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  1. Oh wow, the print is gorgeous! Love how the box came out!