Saturday, May 2, 2015

Shoe-a-palooza !

You’ll be seeing a lot more doll shoes as the days go by – one, because that huge roll of tear-away stabilizer I bought off Amazon* a couple weeks ago is FANTASTIC ! Tried it out today, and I love it ! It’s so easy to use… but honestly, it doesn’t make much of a difference in doll shoe crafting. So I can use either cutaway or tearaway. 

Two, I discovered that I can get both shoes stitched in one hooping ! That’s what that odd ‘two egg’ picture is. It’s actually the soles of the pink shoes Belle’s wearing. It probably doesn’t seem like a big deal, especially if you’re not into machine embroidery, but take my word for it – being able to fit both shoes into one 4x4-inch hoop saves a ton of time, not to mention stabilizer (that white ‘base’ under the pink soles, that’s the tear-away stuff). Makes the tough part of the crafting much, much easier. Darn it. Now I wanna go felt shopping…

Although I don’t want to limit m’self to only felt. I still wanna try vinyl, fleece, and regular cotton fabric uppers, but right now, I’m so happy with today’s findings, I just wanna enjoy. Made both pair of shoes today, in less than an hour. Used up my blue scraps, forgetting that I’d already made a blue felt pair, with hearts embroidered on the toes. Ah, well. Can always use a blank pair. Pink ones were cutting-it-close scraps, too. Might add silk rosebuds or bows to those. 

(grin) Actually, I did some felt shopping yesterday, I bought the light beige I had on my Etsy Favorites list. I already have some from Hancock Fabrics, but it’s a bit too tan for the felt paper doll Elsa I want to make. Don’t have her design bought yet, that’s waiting on taxes. But I could afford the felt ! 

I also used up the $50. gift certificate I won from E And Me last week. She released a set of MLP girls in my hoop size (4x4 is the smallest standard size, but it’s not like I’m in the market for a larger hoop machine any time soon !) that I wanted today, so I spent it all ! I got the MLP wigs and clothes – I already have the standard body, and the wigs were better than the MLP dolls’ hair – a stuffed cat, a heart pencil topper, MLP cutie mark pencil toppers, an Aurora felt doll princess dress, and an Elsa-themed tic-tac-toe game set, mostly for the tiny snowflake and Coronation Gown bodice designs, and used every dime of my prize. I have a lot of embroidery to do…

*It’s gone waaaay up since I bought mine. And that’s the same seller I got mine from. I only paid $20. with Prime shipping ! Beloved Hubby says it was a good thing I got mine when I did !

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