Sunday, May 10, 2015

Was hoping for one day without rain, but...

Happy Mother’s Day ! I was awakened with the sinful smell of bacon, and it was soon followed by biscuits and eggs, juice and balloons ! Yup, my guys let me sleep in late and made breakfast. Dearest Son picked out the balloons – he knew I’d want that green one, and thought the flowers were like giving me a bouquet, which it is ! – and made the biscuits while Beloved Hubby handled the driving and the rest of the cooking. We didn’t have balloons or juice in the house yesterday…

After that, we all goofed off, watched Netflix, ate lots of junk food, and napped. So, while I didn’t get any craft works done today, I had a wonderful Mother’s Day. Hope yours was awesome, too !

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  1. Love that balloon/bouquet!I love flowers but hate that they wilt so quickly-problem solved:)