Thursday, May 28, 2015

Yeah, another pattern. Here's hoping I actually sew this one !

Not available in Barbie size yet.  Give 'em time. 

What a fantastic day ! Rain in the morning, so Beloved Hubby didn’t have to be out early – and he almost finished my cubby ! Since he’ll probably have to get material to craft and install the bottom drawers, and I haven’t decided on paint yet, we decided to go ahead and move it into the Arena, until he has time to work on it. Because today was a semi-bust far as work goes, he’s probably working all weekend. Meanwhile, I can go ahead and play with my new cubby !

So I liberated a box that came inside the packaging for Beloved’s latest tool order and filled it with doll props from the rolling shelf cart. Since those things will go in one of the cubby drawers eventually, might as well clear space. Needed the empty drawer for that grab-package of sheet felt I bought at Jo-ann’s last time. And the felt I bought today !

Got to go to Hancock Fabrics, provided I picked up sodas on the way home. Done ! As usual, I went for the $1.99 pattern, ended up leaving $7. there. But I got my pattern, quarter yards of vinyl, felt, and broadcloth, an off-white fleece remnant for 17¢, and four bags of $2.29 gummy bears for 33¢ each. Saved $23.11 ! And I’m not going anywhere this weekend. I didn’t even get me a soda, I felt so guilty. Found a gorgeous fat quarter I want, but at $2.49, it got to stay there. Scored a free handout from Pellon – now I have a guide to their interfacing and stabilizers. Did you know the by-the-yard kinds they make for machine embroidery have blue bolt labels ? Pink is for clothes, green is quilting, yellow is crafts. They didn’t have what I was looking for – they either sold out or it’s a website only thing – but that’s nice to know. 

The felt’s put away, and both drawers are maybe one sheet away from not being able to close. So I gotta make some things this weekend ! Also found some pretty buttons for MIL’s hanging towels, but they had to wait. I haven’t gone through my half-gallon pickle jar button stash yet, I may already have something good. Can always go back later. Can try to save money first !

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