Sunday, May 24, 2015

Do you ever use doll purses ?

Here’s the doll dress I got from Dollar Tree yesterday. It looks like most knockoff doll clothes – nice fabric, sloppy sewing. I’ll open it this week sometime. I still haven’t opened Ghoulia or Garrot yet !

Went with Beloved Hubby to his job site to finish up while Dearest Son visited with M & FIL. The house Beloved was working on – his work’s finished there now ! – is huge ! The staircase he completed today is absolutely gorgeous. From what I saw in the still-in-progress house, they have plenty of money to make it a very stylish home. However, their backyard is just as flooded as ours. Got to spend a little time gazing out their floor-to-ceiling windows, watching currents form, eddy, and vanish in the puddles, the tell-tale ripples of insects landing, and what may well have been tadpoles swimming around. He apologized for it being so boring, but I enjoyed the quiet time. And the awesome lunch ! 

We hit Harbor Freight, and I was like a coupon fairy – they’d given and sent us a stack of ‘em for this weekend’s sale, and we only needed three. So I passed the others out to other customers if I could, left them near the items when I couldn’t. And we got two fresh packs of free AA and AAA batteries ! They’re decent, last as long as most discount batteries, but they’re especially great when they’re freebies. 

Came home to two massive embroidery design sales – 50% and 75% off, limited time – and spent about $25. total on most of the few remaining want-list residents. When I downloaded one, it wasn’t in my machine’s size, although the sales page says it is. I asked the seller about it, was told some designs don’t look good in 4x4. Um, yes, that’s often true, but I wouldn’t have bought Design X if it wasn’t advertised as being available in the size I wanted. I even mentioned another design they have that I like, but it’s not 4x4, and that’s fine, I understand. Long story short (too late !), the designer sent me the one I bought resized, and the other design I mentioned, also resized, but with the caveat that they may not look as good as I hoped. Most kind. But I need to calm down a day or two before I stitch either of them out. Yes, the design is still listed as available as a 4x4. (sigh)

There’s only three left on ye olde wish-list, and from what I can tell, those sellers never offer sales. But still I hope for someday. . .

Of course, we’ll probably be flat broke that day !

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