Sunday, May 17, 2015

What a sweet day !

Although, truthfully, I am not fond of this box. At all. 
Just kind of goofed around today. Forgot how hard it is to get in-box photos of MH dolls. I’ve loved the packaging since June ’09, and there’s been a lot of changes to the line since then, but the in-box dolls are still wicked hard to get a decent photo of ! I haven’t deboxed either Ghoulia or Garrott yet – Rochelle’s more or less on her own – because I’m waiting on a blah day. While I just kind of puttered around, it wasn’t blah !

Got the new fabrics cheap-serged for the wash, and put almost all the new goodies away. I have no idea where I’m gonna put that felt grab-bag. It was a good deal, there were 25 sheets of random colors in there, and thanks to a 50% off coupon, it was only $2.50. It’s just too big to fit in the felt drawer. My new pinking shears work great on felt, and the four-pack of scissors are sharp and hidden. Downloaded several new freebie embroidery designs, and sorted some old ones. Need to back up the files again soon. 

Oh, and I forgot to tell you. I got my A1C results – 6.2 ! Since anything under 7 is considered controlled, I wonder if they’re gonna scale back my medicine. I may call next week, see if there’s any change. My thyroid hasn’t changed, which is good. I’m the healthiest lazy I’ve ever been !

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