Thursday, May 14, 2015

I need a new camera. . . too bad I'm broke now ! :)

Turns out, Beloved Hubby was home early today, so I gave him some quiet time while Dearest Son and I ran up to TRU ! We were gone for a while, and the few places in the store I wasn’t interested in, he was, so we had tons of fun !

I’d already bought my MH ‘Love in Scaris’ Garrott and Rochelle online, just had to pick them up, but you know we wandered a while after that ! It was odd, but I finally got my wish – that I could just walk into a retail outlet and just buy an MH doll right off the shelf. Our TRU had several Garrott sets, and at least five Windowna fashion sets. For some reason, she wasn’t on sale like G & R – 20% off all MH dolls and playsets / accessories  $24.99 and more, and she’s $24.99 – but they had plenty of her. I thought about getting her, too, but she simply didn’t appeal to me. Instead, I scored the Ghoulia vinyl figure. They only had one of her, two Lagoonas, and one Frankie. Two bucks more than at Mal-Wart, but M-W is sold out, so . . . 

Ours also had several Porter Geiss dolls, and he’s on my list, but he’s also $5. less expensive at Target. Our local Tar-zhay lists him as being in stock, so I hope to snag him later. Over in the video game section, there was a bin of watches, ranging from Disney Princess to Avengers, including at least two MH styles. I liked the bigger one, marked down to $6.98, but wasn’t sure if it’d fit my adult wrist. Luckily, I carry a tape measure with me at all times, for just such emergencies. Yup. It had a nice big face, and while I wasn’t much on the pink, and didn’t have Ghoulia on it, I thought it was neat. Snagged Dearest Son’s choice of candy – Bubble Tape – Twizzlers Beloved likes, and a pack of mint M&Ms for me, and we were outta there. 

Decided, on a whim, to visit a nearby party store, just to see what they had. Next to nothing, really. I keep seeing neat stuff online, the kinds of things you’d see at a party shop, but that one was more of a costume and balloon outlet. There’s a different chain in the same strip as our beloved Dollar Tree, so I’ll stop there next time we go. 

Speaking of balloons and DTree, both my Mother’s Day pretties are still floating, reaching for the ceiling. Pretty impressive, especially when I’ve had balloons from florists at three times the price years ago that didn’t ‘last’ three days. And these were most likely inflated Saturday. Good to know.

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