Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Sales inspire me !

Showed the table and cubby to Beloved Hubby – he’s promised to make me a cubby to my specifications this weekend. We have enough wood for it already, and I gave him a sketch with the measurements. He gets so busy, though. . . Here’s hoping !  That’ll save us a quick $30. ! 

Bought this design set of numbers – and also my first initial – today, as it just went on sale. 25% off ! It’s like I got a dollar off and my initial free ! Played with some pictures from the seller (Etsy’s Embroidery Land) and got today’s image. I intend to make a birthday hat with it, in felt, probably with a bit of chiffon dangling from the top of it. Even if we don’t go out – who knows where we’ll be financially in July ? Certainly not me ! – I’ll wear it anyway. And I can make another next year, and one with my initial. 

Mocked up the whole thing with a printout and some packing paper scavenged from Beloved’s latest tool delivery. So now I have the pattern and the design for my birthday hat ready to go, all I need is the felt and fabric for the applique, neither of which I’ve decided on yet. I like it when designers have a whole set available – and they also sell the individual designs separately. I like having the options, especially with my budget !

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