Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sunflowers may be out of season, but I'm not one who cares.

I had to laugh at today’s free embroidery design, from Daily Embroidery. It’s almost identical to the flower vase I set up on the ironing supply cabinet – mine just looks more like an hourglass, as the ‘vase’ is a clean Pace picante jar filled with Dollar Tree glass stones to hide the bare stem, and ribbon wrapped around the middle. Otherwise, it looks almost just like that.

For whatever reason, today I decided that I missed playing with my dolls. And, after a few minutes of visualizing and imagining, I grabbed the tape measure. If I moved the doll bookcase closer to the window, and cleaned some of the clutter that’d gathered under the window, I could have a table over there – or maybe a cubby ! - that could support one of the playsets, become a photo studio, just about anything. A few minutes of online research located a nice folding table just the right size at Mal-Wart for under $30. Or a slightly smaller cherry-wood cubby at Big Lots. Hmmm…

It would help if I got rid of the clutter – I had boxes of both Beloved Hubby and Dearest Son’s stuff, time to get all of it where it belongs. Dearest’s was easier, as half the room is his, I just slid it back over. It took some sorting and organizing, and ended up dumping two ‘cheap move’ liquor-store boxes, combining all the Wii stuff into the smallest one, and fitting all of Beloved’s stuff into a plastic bin, now in the garage with the rest of his Study stuff. He keeps saying he wants to sort it himself, so I’m letting him. Just today, I made sure he had the rest of it. 

It’s also a minor past-time of all of us to hang out the window for a bit. Nice breeze, fun to watch the neighborhood, etc. Now, it’s easier to get to ! Two of us can hang at once, all three of us if it’s snug. And the view from my Arena is much better.  

Swept the floor – six june-bugs, three crane-flies, a wasp, and an oil bug. I may start closing the window, or finding a screen for it. Two toad-choking rainstorms today, the back yard is a complete swamp, and hours later, most of the road out front is still under water. But we got our Tuesday Special chicken for supper and lunch tomorrow, so I’m happy !

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