Monday, May 25, 2015

We all remember on this day. . .

Beloved Hubby started for work, got a call – due to rain and holiday, today’s schedule was cancelled. So he called me from Aldi’s, he’d loaded all this into the cart, what else did we need ? An hour and about twelve bags later, our pantry is stuffed, our fridge is full, and the freezer is a ‘watch your toes’ zone. The few things Aldi’s didn’t have, I picked up at the local grocery, and did some minor cherry-picking, too. We didn’t have room for anything else ! Those strawberries are heavenly. . . 

From there, I had some paperwork to finish, get in the mail tomorrow. That took three hours, and I probably was off on a couple dates. I could only estimate those times last year when I was admitted to the hospital from the ER, I don’t know how people who don’t blog or journal do it ! At least it’s done, hopefully I got most of it right. My prescriptions over the past year – most still current – took over a page to list out.

Decided to dress Anna in the Dollar Tree doll outfit, but that didn’t happen. There’s no opening in the back or on the collar ! It’s supposed to stretch, but I heard threads popping, so I took it off, employed the seam ripper, and opened it up enough to try on. Kind of cute, actually. No way the collar would stretch over her head, though, so I don’t know what Greenbriar International ™ was thinking. Can always sew on some Velcro ™, which will improve the fit, but my attention was already straying. Free pattern ! Aww, won’t fit any of my dolls, but a nice try.

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