Friday, May 8, 2015

Made another doll !

Had a massive tummyache last night, so I was very glad I had most of yesterday’s entry written early ! I’d finished the other felt doll in the Itty Bitty Starter Set before it hit – they don’t take long at all to stitch out -  but didn’t get to his/her hair, because I hadn’t decided which MLP wig to stitch first. Still felt a little rocky today, but it was nowhere near as bad, and I felt neglectful for leaving my latest doll bald. Oh, and this one is made from the felt I ordered for my future  Elsa doll … it is wonderful ! Know how cheep sheet felt is so thin in some places, it’s see-through ? Not this stuff. It’s solid, no variances, but still thin and soooo soft. I got quite a bit for my $12.95, and wish like anything I can order one of their small rolls for each of their 81 colors. If you ever need *good* felt, fast shipped, consider Etsy’s The Felt Pod !

 Anyway, hair. Needed to stitch some. Looking for inspiration, I dug through my cheep felt sheets and found a deep purple one I forgot I had. Okay. Rarity hair ! It also stitched up quickly, but I could swear, it was tougher to cut than the Felt Pod body. I’ve learned to cut from the bobbin side in my last few attempts, and I’ve trimmed up the hair a bit more since the photo was taken, but I think it all came out nice. True, the hair and clothes kind of battle for position, which I hadn’t considered, but hopefully, they’re not all like that ! 

And we got great news ! Our tax return is on its way ! I’ve refined my wish list six times, and I’m ready to go with it . . .  arrive soon, please !  


  1. Hello from Spain: I really like your creation. It is very original. Keep in touch.