Sunday, May 3, 2015

Hope to knock out at least one of these tomorrow...

Quiet, chillin’ Sunday. A beautiful day, too. Finished tidying up the backyard with Dearest Son while Beloved Hubby ‘mowed’ the front with a string-trimmer. Did you know there actually is such a thing as a string-trim mower ? Some look like a regular weed-whacker embedded in a four-wheeled platform, others are more complex. 

After lunch, we came in and watched TV, each of us working on some project or another. Beloved’s building something, so he was sketching plans, Dearest is listing and rating all the computers he’s owned – and hopes to own – in a faux-leather journal that was left behind in the under-stairs closet. I realized that I haven’t really touched my rainbow drawer cart (one of these) in about a year, since it’s been six months since we moved. Clearly, it was time to do some sorting. It took almost two hours to dig through the pattern, the ‘current projects’ (lol), the stationery, the craft supply, and the machine embroidery drawers, the rest were fine. I was hoping to empty one of ‘em, use it for felt scraps, but even after cleaning and sorting, they remained full, and I liked how I had things. 

Currently the felt scraps – too small for doll shoes, too big to add to the ongoing ‘future stuffing’ fabric scrap bag – rest in an emptied hypodermic needle box, which is a bit of a downer to look at. I’d thought of covering the box with scrapbook paper, but it’d have to wait ‘til I could take my current box apart to serve as a template. I have two other needle boxes doing duty elsewhere, and want to cover them, too. Plus, they’re kind of flimsy, not much thicker than cardstock. Was hoping to buy a couple replacements at Dollar Tree soon…

But then I found a new, free pattern, for fabric boxes. Read over the directions, mocked one up out of paper, and it’s pretty easy. Flexible sizing, too. Hoping to make at least one tomorrow, I have plenty of fabric and fusible interfacing ! If it works well, I’ll have what I want, in colors and patterns I like, and will save us at least $3. !

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