Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My kind of pop princess !

Dearest Son had us up early today – once our deposit was cleared, he was in a fury to get his ‘new’ computer ordered. So, that’s the first thing we all did with the tax refund, place the order for the computer he’s wanted for months. Beloved Hubby and I are both proud of him, he was patient when the funds went awry, if a bit obsessed. He gets that from his momma ! 

Reason I put ‘new’ like that is because it isn’t a brand-new computer. It’s older, and even though we could get him a brand-new desktop or laptop, he wanted this specific model, just like the one he had several years ago. He’s using his saved-up allowance to buy a keyboard and mouse, and sometime this weekend, we’re getting him a big monitor (‘like Daddy’s !’, as he put it). 

As for me, I wanted to be a little more awake before I spent my funds like the fool I am ! Beloved’s boss really needed him today, so he went in after watching a few more tool videos. I did all my health stuff, had a quick breakfast, noodled around for an hour or so, then figured I was as awake as I’d ever be, and burned through 36% of ‘my’ money. But I have some sparkle vinyl – for embroidery – coming in, the MH Garrott set waiting for me at our local TRU, one of several Etsy embroidery designs, and a Funko Pop! ‘Coronation Elsa’ figurine on her way to join my collection. Although Coronation wasn’t on my list, I’ve been wanting one, and got a good price. Lower than what Hastings is charging, at least ! I should have Elsa Thursday, not sure when the vinyl’s arriving. And Garrott’s arrival is up to Beloved. If he’s home early enough, I may have him today. If not, I’ll just pick him up Thursday.   

It’s harder than I expected to space out the fun. Half my list is downloadable, and it was sooo tempting to snag everything today. But there’s no way I could use much if any of it this afternoon. So I only got the one on sale, even though the sale doesn’t end ‘til the 17th. The rest are unlikely to go on sale any time soon, and I don’t desperately want or need any of ‘em, so I can wait.

But I’m still planning on stealing the car after my appointments and going on my local shopping spree !

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