Thursday, May 14, 2015

Okay. NOW I'm broke !

Wore my new MH watch to my appointments – it’s taking me a bit to get used to the weight again, it’s been a long time since I wore one. I remember going shopping with MIL when I realized I’d forgotten my watch, and our guys needed us back at a specific  time. Was gonna buy a cheep kid’s digital for the day when I realized that her work cell phone had a time function. Shortly after, I had my own personal cell, and my watch collection (yeah, you know I had several !) began to gather dust together in their drawer in the jewelry armoire. Wish I could remember what happened to my Pepe Le Pew watch, I loved that thing. Don’t know why I still have the Nightmare Before Christmas one. 

There’s only one bad thing about wearing a watch. You always know what time it is. Waiting for anything and knowing exactly how late it is only makes it worse. I think I’ll leave my watch(es) home next time I gotta go to the VA.

Beloved Hubby was home today, and he’d planned on driving me to my appointment. But then a couple of the tools he ordered from Amazon arrived, shortly before it was time to go. In a rare burst of selflessness, I told him that he’d only be bored, waiting around for me, and really, I was the only one who had to go. And I knew he wanted to play with his new tools. So he and Dearest Son opted to stay home, and I left. Was so glad I did. It was three hours and a lab visit of sheer boring, even for me. Got some good news, though – Anna, my implant, is working perfectly, and my heart is already doing a bit better. My blood pressure is good, and I got an A1C done, since my glucose numbers are low and steady. My next cardiac visit isn’t ‘til November, and that’s the only appointment I know of. Yaaay !

On the way home, I decided to prowl a bit, and hit Big Lots. Most of what I bought was snacks and groceries, but I got a set of Frozen stickers, like the book of Easter / Spring Disney Princess ones from Dollar Tree. Same price, too ! Also snagged a Sticker Fun Pack, also Frozen-themed, mostly for the six-inch tall backdrop. I have plans for that !

Giving serious contemplation going back for Sweet Screams Ghoulia. Our Big Lots had four of her, for just $12. She really is pretty, gorgeous dark blue hair, if you can look past the drippy, gummy-worm theme. I even like her black hand-gloves. Since she’s the last Ghoulia released in quite some time – seriously, Mattel, Geek Chic and Zombie Shake with no Ghoulia ? I am disappoint. – I kind of want her for just that. She may well be the last Ghoulia. . .

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