Saturday, May 23, 2015

I didn't know it felt that way about me !

Busy and fun day, even though we had another major storm – our road was soon completely engulfed, but that didn’t stop people in little sports cars from speeding 60mph through it. One of these days, somebody’s gonna hydroplane and land in our yard ! At least they started slowing down as night approached, and it was hard to see where you were going. 

Beloved Hubby and I crept out to Home Despot while Dearest Son watched a movie. Came back with our last big buy – a twelve inch saw that he’s wanted for years. Gonna sell his current ten inch one, and with my veteran’s discount, it wasn’t quite so major a purchase. He was more than happy to get it broken in on my new cubby, and it’s half done already. It’d probably be finished, but he wants to put actual drawers on the bottom row, instead of using cardboard for bins. I think he wants the practice, and it’s fine with me ! 

I got the PVC pipe and pieces I needed to make a doll chair –  free directions download and photos here – and since we bought cheaper in bulk, I’ll get two of ‘em for about $8. Surprisingly, the pipes and pieces were a light beige, not white, but I’ll probably still paint one green. It’s who I am. Probably start that project next week. Beloved’s gotta show me how to cut the pipes. He promised. 

Since it was such a rainy, grey day, I made a pot of chili and some cornbread for lunch, which my guys appreciated. Was planning on something chicken-based for supper, but they wanted more chili !  

Got to take Dearest to Dollar Tree, snagged the usual groceries and snacks. They finally got white dish-towels in, so now I can use the mottled purple fabric I bought for MIL’s hanging dish towel set. Also got a silly white fiber-optic pen that lights up when you write with it – I love it. Saw the light-powered butterflies, and they were adorable, but I didn’t get one. Like the ‘firefly in a jar’ novelties, I’d end up opening the jar to let the poor trapped creature free ! And I can tell you that the 2.22oz bag of Werther’s soft caramels I got are absolutely delicious, and you get ten in a bag. The nutrition information on the back says it averages two servings of six, so some bags clearly have more than others. Choose wisely. 

Also snagged one of the new doll outfits, photo tomorrow. It’s pretty cute, comes with modern Barbie-style shoes and a useless plastic handbag. Of the four styles I saw on our store’s shelves, this was the cutest, although it ranks that it’s pink. I get so tired of pink. . .

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