Friday, May 15, 2015

Need all the towels I can make, with all this rain !

Forgot to mention that yesterday, my ‘Coronation’ Pop Elsa figure and copy- paper-sized sheets of craft vinyl arrived. Since it was via the Post Office, they didn’t get delivered ‘til I was at the VA. And since Beloved Hubby’s working Saturday, it looks like my big shopping prowl will be on Sunday. I’ve already made it clear that they’re on their own for chow, and I’ll be gone for quite some time.

As for today, it started out dismal, with a rainstorm before dawn, but we actually saw the sun about midday. I still kind of piddled the day away, but at least we got the trash out ! As night began, I figured Dearest Son and I would probably find some time to hit Dollar Tree this weekend, and I didn’t want two sets of unfinished kitchen towels sitting around, so I sewed up the orange set tonight. Depending on what towels I find when we go, I may be able to knock out a couple gift sets, for my cardiologist and primary care doc, maybe even M & FIL. It’s kind of funny, as the first set of hanging towels I ever saw, somebody made as a little gift for my folks. They were just plain white, made from cut-up bath towels and possibly recycled pillowcases, but the buttons were big and funky, and I thought they were cool. Kind of like it comes full circle for me to make some for others !

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