Thursday, May 7, 2015

Ideas and thinking...

Whole reason I bought that $1 mini coloring book a couple weeks back.

One of the great things about being broke with money coming is that you have time to plot and plan on how best to spend it ! I’ve been thinking (which may explain yesterday’s tornadoes !) and re-thinking some designs I wanted. I darn near swooned when this set of Monster Girls was shown as ‘coming soon’ last month, and it was even designed for 4x4” hoops ! Was a little less excited when they were revealed to be finger puppets. Not much on finger puppets. Also not much on ‘pay for a membership (with designs you’ll never use) to get this before everyone else’, as I always feel like the designer unwittingly sets up a caste system just to buy his/her stuff. I like cliques even less than finger puppets. I know they’re good for the designer, and many buyers are actually small businesses that love exclusives and don’t mind the stuff they can’t immediately use, some customer may want it eventually. But as a hobbyist, it always makes me feel second-class, not something that encourages a lot of spending. 

Still, I really liked that Ghoulia (sort of, I liked her face and hair, at least !), and once us plebes could snag the set, it even conveniently went on sale. Had to get the whole set, couldn’t pick and choose, darn it, but I’d probably want them all anyway. It was all laid out for me, but I just wasn’t happy. That’s when I started thinking (and natural disasters began) of how to get what I want without ending up with baggage. What I really wanted was a Ghoulia Charlotte – with actual feet, and clothes I could change ! - but I had no idea how I’d put Designer A’s head on Designer B’s body. 

Maybe I wouldn’t have to. Charlotte’s body can be done in any color felt, and the Boy version could be sewn bald . . . all the better for the MLP ‘Equestria Girls’ wig set I selected with the certificate to fit and be customized for our fave MH ghouls. Designer makes a bald girl design, but why spend $4. for what I already have ? Printed out worksheets for Boy and all the wigs, and by using the lightbox and layering the sheets, it showed that would work. 

So don’t be surprised if you soon see a Ghoulia doll with Twilight Sparkle hair. Not sure yet if I’ll try to free-hand her glasses out of felt or try my hand at bending wire… or get a real pair and bend the ear-pieces, or adjust the elastic on her Deaducation sports pair. There’s always options…

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