Thursday, May 21, 2015

Dresses are cheaper to make in multiples !

Gonna hafta put an ant trap in the window. With all this rain, every bug in The Great Outdoors is trying to come in for shelter. I’ve had three waves of ants in two days – and that’s after I’ve erased the first wave’s scent trail with rubbing alcohol. Did it on the second wave, too. Hmpft. The june-bugs and crane flies must have drowned, but there’s dozens of flies. They’re easy to swat because the air is so water-heavy, but there’s so many . . .(sigh)

Decided that I’d try some embroidery today since I’m a bit tired of hanging towels already – and the material for six more (two for us, rest are gifts) is ready to go. It never fails, about the time I wanna buy some designs off my wish-list, from sites that never have sales, a site I’m only partially interested in has a mega-sale ! Happened yesterday and again today. I now have six more Frozen designs, but at least I only paid $6. for them, instead of $24. Only problem is, I’ve spent money, but think I haven’t bought anything for me, ‘cause the wish-list is unchanged !

Anyway, all that was just a preface to say that a design I bought on mega-sale was the one I tried out today. I was curious – several different designers each have their own versions of the felt non-paper doll. Since they’re kind of limited by the 4x4 field, would clothes from Designer X fit Designer Q’s doll ? Really only one way to find out. I bought a Beach Set from Momma MC because I liked the ‘cover up’ as a dress to fit my E and Me Designs Charlotte. Printed up some worksheets… nope. The Momma MC dress was too wide, it covered most of their arms. So I opened up Bernina’s ArtLink 7 and figured out how to keep the length, but narrow the width. And that’s what I stitched out today.

Thanks to earlier efforts, I soon saw that I could get more than one dress on a hooping. And all four came out fine, even though my tear-away stabilizer this time was strips torn from other projects patched together. You may remember that the debate over whether or not to reuse stabilizer is one of the negative events that put me off embroidery for two years, and perhaps the anti-reuse faction was right. But it worked out fine this time, even after using it four times in one hoop, so I’m pretty happy. Not much left to reuse now ! All from scraps, all reversible, even if the reverse isn't as pretty.The belt, bow, and knot can even be done with separate colors, but I'm too lazy to change bobbin thread, you know I was gonna do all one color up top, too !

Show you what they look like on Charlotte and Joy tomorrow. I got a slightly buggy kitchen to clean before bedtime, and I’m tired. . .

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  1. Cute dresses!
    I wonder what's going on with ants this year.Usually I find one or two in an entire summer,this year I've faced over a dozen already and I haven't even opened up the house to go plant anything so how they get in is a big mystery as well.If I ever find a trail I'll use your rubbing alcohol trick.