Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Still shopping...but I did something today !

I was trawling through Etsy and eBay, thinking how to best make use of my limited first-of-the-month funds. It’s fun, this online window shopping, and sometimes I get great ideas. Just… not today.

I put that activity down, did a good deed, did my yoga, made sure everyone got fed, then with a growling tummy – it’s gotta get used to me not eating 24-7, and so far, tummy ain’t happy – resumed it while seeing how long I could delay lunch. Games we play with ourselves can be the most vicious. Anyway, I knew I still wasn’t really inspired, and when I’m not, my efforts definitely show it, and I just flat wasn’t in a sewing mood today.

I needed to do something, though. I ran through my list of ‘things I wanna do but am too scared to’ and came up with ‘take that bun-thing out of DP&M Belle’s hair’. I’d actually done research – from what I can tell, no one has ever done that. Yet she’s considered a play doll, with hair basically made to style, but I guess kids are into long hair, just not styling long hair like toy companies think they are. Or they just get turned off when the hair’s all snarled and it aches arms to brush it out again. But even if I’m the only one ever to do it, you’d think it still wouldn’t be scary, as I have two Belle dolls, even if I completely wreck one, it’s no tragedy… but I’d hate to ruin a perfectly good doll, even if I was planning on selling one. Still, if I was gonna do it, today was the day.

So I armed m’self with a good hairbrush, comb, spray bottle of water, and an episode of Criminal Minds ‑ Beloved Hubby’s current watch, as he was home this afternoon. We’re nearly done with Season 1. I pulled at least a pre-teen Tribble out of Belle #2’s snarled and tangled hair, but it was combed for the first time since I got her. I admit it, I rather neglected her because I didn’t want her, I already had a Belle. I wanted the clothes in a lot she was in. But she was looking vastly improved already…

Isolated the mushroom-like rooting of hair that gives her that odd top bun, removed the clear elastic, and smooshed it down, wondering what it’d look like flattened, blended with her regular locks. That under-curl was built to last, but water, my hands, and more clear elastics soon got it straightened out. And there you have it. I’m probably gonna sell the other one now, I like this look a lot better ! 

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