Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thrift finds and no time to take pictures...

‘Emmy’ –car got a new battery today. It’s funny how we invariably have to replace batteries whenever we buy a used vehicle. Whoever bought the 4Runner has a darn near new one, less than a year old. Ah, well.

I cajoled Beloved Hubby into hitting the thrift since we were but blocks away, and he ended up scoring better than I did. True, I got a t-shirt (99¢) and big bag of fabric scraps ($4., marked down from $13.), but he got three tees and a new hat ! He was very pleased. Me, too – when it comes to clothes, he’s difficult to shop for. He’ll wear what I buy, but not necessarily because he likes it. I enjoy seeing him pick out what he truly wants to wear for a change. He wore one to this afternoon’s classes (happy sigh).

I like my shirt – it has stars on it ! – but the fabric grab bag was the greatest. There was an abandoned cross-stitch kit, complete in a baggie with an 8-inch square Q-snap quilting frame, and another baggie held brand new purple hand-embroidery hoops, a good-size rectangle of still-packaged 14pt Aida in sky blue, a new tomato pincushion, and nearly new DMC floss bobbins (two removed) and floss number stickers (four removed) . Also a colorfully pretty peacock, made of stiff cardboard, probably a floss organizer. I should send that to Deborah, she loves peacocks ! J

In the middle, where I didn’t see ‘til I dug down (always the best part of a fabric grab-bag buy !), were two sets of patterns. Both for babies, one was a Kwik-Sew book, patterns included and uncut, that sells for anywhere from three to eight times what I paid for the whole bag, and a Sunrise Designs set for christening wear. That goes for about five bucks. It’s so nice when a grab-bag has hidden treasures within !

Especially when the rest of the bag is just amazing ! I got so many 80s-licious fabrics here, it’s like I stalked them thirty years ago. I got peach pieces (there’s a color you don’t see much these days !) in knit and woven, squiggle prints (several !), geese prints, eyelet scraps, textured polyester in several colors, and tons of tiny polka dots, including dotted Swiss, another fabric I don’t see much of outside of second-hand venues. Even some quilted by-the-yard pieces, and a wide Battenburg lace strip that looks like it was cut from a larger piece. Design’s too large for me to use, so I’m gonna hem it for MIL to use as a stand-scarf.

That’s not even all that was in there. Imagine a Full or Queen-size bedspread bag, stuffed full of fabrics from just a few inches to about half a yard, then there’s craft stuff squeezed in. Truly, it was worth the original $12.98 price, but getting it so cheaply makes me very happy. I’ll probably make appliance covers out of the quilted fabrics, and if there’s enough, I’m going to have a Blouse of Fish, since I now have a trouty print in an uncut piece. Gonna sell the patterns on eBay. They’re easy to ship !

Since MIL doesn’t cross-stitch anymore, I think I’ll keep the kit and work it m’self. I’ve been kind of looking for a quiet project, and since this one’s not too hackneyed, with not much done, well, it fits. Price is certainly right ! I did cross-stitch like a crazy person in high school, mostly for gifts, and I think I burned out on it. I know I got hand-cramps at least a decade before I ever heard of ‘carpal tunnel’. Was kind of surprised after a test given by a potential employer showed I not only didn’t have it, but didn’t have a propensity for it, either. Between the craft work and my lengthy letters to he who became Beloved Hubby, I was very, very afraid !

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  1. Yes she DOES love peacocks!!! :-) That reminds me, I have at least one MH locker here if you are still interested in it!