Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fall yard sales are so awesome...

AAArrgjh! I just wanna say, right here, right now, that I can’t wait for the day when a can I verified as being in the pantry Friday is still there when I go to cook it Saturday. Grrrrh ! If I’d have known that would vanish, I’d have bought another when I was at Aldi’s today, no problem. Ordinarily, I would have, but I’m not buying much so we don’t have to move much (plus the usual not much to spend). So looking forward to disappearing dinner not being a problem anymore …

What’s funny is, as soon as we got back from Aldi’s, FIL wanted to go grocery shopping. Could easily have been replaced, he could easily have bought their own, he bought about eight bags’ worth. But nope. Never replaced the three cans of tuna and 2 pound box of spaghetti, either. So annoyed.

But the day wasn’t a total loss. Hit three yard sales, got me a new wallet, and two button-front shirts, two t-shirts, and a sweater for Beloved, all for less than $4. He’s already wearing one tee, the red one with the Enterprise and Star Trek logo. My fave is the blue Empire Strikes Back movie poster tee – I’m halfway hoping it’s too small for either of my guys, so I can make a pillow out of it. But from the way Beloved’s eyes lit up when he saw it, it’s doubtful.

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