Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Slowly but surely, the Yard Sale began to consume her every thought...

 We sorted and emptied Dearest Son’s big toybox today. Heavens, what a job ! I don’t think kids’ furniture makers should make toy boxes that deep – there must have been a billion sizes, much less pieces, of Lego – along with two forks, three spoons, six socks, four pizza ads, a radio, countless bits of packing peanuts and potato chips, and two washcloths – mixed in with the various toys inside. Wonder if I can get five bucks for a slightly Sharpie’d yellow plastic toy box…

Actually, Dearest should be hoping that ! He asked me to bid on an auction for him, promising to pay the final bid out of his yard sale proceeds. He didn’t know I’d already agreed with Beloved Hubby to make a low bid on it. He’s still paying for something Beloved bought for him a while back, and he’ll get his allowance back the first Friday of November. Our low bid won – we were the only bidders – so he’s happy.

I’m almost jealous. It’s been a while since I bought something bigger than a bag of Funyuns for m’self. But there’s really nothing I want. Sure, there’s some patterns, but I got scads I haven’t used yet, and I don’t wanna spend ‘til I start sewing again. I already know it’s unlikely to happen ‘til we move, unless we’re here far longer than I fear.

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