Sunday, October 26, 2014

Netflix quiet...

A really quiet day. Beloved Hubby was home, and he mostly slept and watched Star Trek : Enterprise on Netflix. It’s not that bad. Don’t ask me why some Vulcans are in kimono and others are in second-skin catsuits, or why most Starfleet uniforms look like car mechanic jumpsuits this go round, much less why the opening theme sounds like a ‘power ballad’ Chevy ad, but it’s at least the show’s interesting.

Dearest Son’s now emptied out his ole red footlocker and is storing his ‘Keep’ stuff in it for the move. Yaay ! He’s sorted through quite a bit, and we’ll do more tomorrow. Don’t have another VA appointment ‘til November, and Friday will be here soon. I’ll be thrilled if we make back the $8 - $10. ‘no fee’ signs we’ll have to buy.

Started using my newest inhaler, Symbicort, today. Twice a day, two hits. I have the impression of an odd scent, sort of like hydrogen peroxide, but nothing I can truly put a name to. So far, so good. Can’t tell that it’s doing anything, or even know for sure I’m using it right, but I read the directions, and even rinse out my mouth afterwards, so I think I’m doing OK. 

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