Tuesday, October 7, 2014

When the goin' gets tough, the tough start cooking !

Not a lot for me to say after all the tempests and troubles of the past few days. I’m physically and emotionally exhausted, but there’s this tiny spark of hope… Heck, we may just, with luck and the Universe on our side, get to move back to where we lived before ! Please hope for us !

We’ll probably have our yard sale the weekend of the 24th, not a lot of time to prepare, but I’ve worked with less. The one smart thing I’ve done so far is tell Dearest Son that he can keep all the money for any of his toys he sells. He’s ready to ditch 90% of his stuff ! Less we have to move, the better it’ll go, especially since we don’t have a big truck anymore. We’ll have to rent one, but it’ll probably be a ‘one and done’ kinda thing. We’re shopping for new beds and a new sofa, so those aren’t coming with, and the rest is desks, books, tools, clothes, and our hobby stuffs. We could even hire one of the guys across the street for a day of heavy lifting, but since we aren’t moving appliances, it may not be necessary.

We’re gonna sell the oven we never installed, the gas cooktop, the doors and windows we have stacked up, Emmy-car’s rims, and anything else we can ditch. Soon as we know precisely where we’re going, we’ll know what we need and don’t need, so there’ll probably be more. Lots more.

Lest you think we’re as thoughtless as we’re accusing the ILs of being, they already know of our plans because we tried to include them, but they couldn’t possibly care less. Too busy thinking about what they want to plan beyond that. Fine with me, I’ve about had enough. Don’t care what the rest of the family is told or thinks, they’re all thoroughly familiar with FIL’s ways, and they probably knew before we did what was goin’ down when FIL asked for money. I think part of MIL’s RV plans involve travelling up to where BIL and his family live – may the Universe help them if it happens. 

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