Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Random meaninglessness...

Today I’m just tossing out random thoughts. Bear with me…please ?

I knew, deep down, that I wanted to sew all week, and all my aimless shopping was pretty much insuring I wouldn’t have time to, again, but while I had projects I wanted to try, I really didn’t feel that even deeper *need*. Truth be told, I’ve been waiting for that to come back, since it’s what made all my sewing fun – the simple need to create something, to take flat fabric and magic it into miniature clothing, to feel connected to the past and future of thousands of others similarly engaged. .. to just feel engaged.

That’s when it dawned on me. I’m kind of slow. Well, that occurred to me decades ago, but what did dawn today was that I thought I was looking for inspiration. No, I’m looking for sharing, for creating, for enjoying past ‘Hey, look what I just did !’ which is about all I’ve done for months. No wonder I burned out ! Sewing for all the wrong reasons.

I think that’s why I suddenly got into the DP&M dolls. Seems like everyone’s sewing for American Girl and clone / similarly sized ones – about 90% of the patterns produced in the last decade or so have been for them, from what I’ve seen. That would go a long way in helping me feel connected… if I actually liked the dolls. The founder and Mattel can go on for days about history and antiques and inculcating taste and such, but facts are, that stuff was expensive and it sold. Even during an economic downswing. Unusual. But not enough to change my mind. I just don’t like the AG body. It’s blocky, awkward, flat where there should be some curve, and the combination of vinyl and woven fabrics makes for an odd juxtaposition that nearly every seamstress endeavors to hide, and I’ve never figured out a real reason for it. Honestly, Timey Tell as a barrel body with low arms and shoulders, but she looks more like a real child than any AG I ever saw did. To me, she’s more fun to sew for because things fit and hang on her appealingly. Even when you’re trying to hide speaker holes.

Still not sure if I’m sewing for the right ones now, but just maybe…

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