Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday... a day to think about everything that ranked all last week.

I’m still ticked at FormerApartment for turning us down. Maybe if we apply using my info ? For whatever reason, my credit’s about 50 points higher than Beloved Hubby’s. Still, I’ve known them to accept people with worse history than mine, working part time at a Subway, with evictions on their records. Why do they think we’re such a risk ?

Trying not to think about it. Got all the DP&M dolls together. Finally claimed Anna’s outfit – and I’ve had her for months. Since Belle #1 is the only one that didn’t come in a box, she’s hangin’ out in Merri’s, or I should say, flappin’ around in Merida’s. Anna, Cinderella, and Ariel are all still attached to the box liners via those awful plastic t-tags, but at least it keeps them from sagging and slouching. Belle kinda flops. So I took some ribbon and tied her to the box liner, she looks much better.

We’ve listed some stuff to sell on Craigslist, and someone’s already called about the stove we never used. Spent nearly two hours cleaning the living room, and they cancelled. Oh, well. Living room needed it anyway. Only problem is, I had to shove all the yard sale stuff in our bedroom, and it’ll probably have to stay there.

Speaking of yard sales, MIL has run a string past the Garpartment’s former garage doors – Beloved installed sheetrock and siding to improve the look – and hung out some of her fancier clothes out there. We’ve already told her that the City has requirements for yard sales, but I guess she just doesn’t care. Too bad the fines would go on the CityOf bill, that’s in her name, not to the house. I wonder, though – is ‘30-year-old Church Maven from the 80s’ a hot new look for the hipster kids ? If so, I got some awesome outfits to direct them to !

When asked, MIL said she’s not having the yard sale yet, just getting ready to piggyback ours ! Oh, and did we know we can just have CityOf add the yard sale requirement fees to the CityOf bill ? (snort) You mean, they one you guys don’t pay and haven’t since we got here ? It never ends, does it ? 

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