Saturday, October 25, 2014

Strain lines begin to show...

Yesterday was such a shock, I forgot everything else that was going on ! One of our neighbors came over to offer support, and gave me a Hefty bag full of dark purple tulle. Leftover from their wedding. Wow. Not sure what I’ll do with it all, but I certainly have enough to experiment with now !

After calling for housing assistance from what I thought was the VA line last week, I was told they should be in contact with me for further information within a week. I asked if I should call if I hadn’t heard anything by Friday, was told that was a good idea. Of course, it was radio silence all week, so I waited until after lunch Friday… and got a rather snotty young lady who tossed a phone number at me and hung up. Too bad the number she gave me went to an office that shut down at 1pm on Friday, and it was 1:38pm when I called. It gave me the office hours and hung up on me when I tried to punch in the extension Miss Thang gave me. Wheee.

Called my VA counsellor to update her, as she requested, and got her answering machine. And the pundits wonder why people feel disconnected and isolated. She called back, and as it turns out, this is evidently high season for homelessness, the agency I was mostly dealing with is the United Way, and they’ve quit accepting new cases. Not to worry, though – I was ‘in’. I was also advised to contact Catholic Charities and some other guy who never called me back. I’m starting to think my unusually pessimistic Beloved Hubby was right about us being on our own after all. I was also told that I should have a caseworker who should call me sometime Monday. Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen !

Beloved and I are on a silent truce. Nothing more’s been said, but nothing more’s been solved, either. If I thought I was unsettled and insecure three weeks ago, it’s nothing compared to now. He’s scared the ILs have no plans other than moving in on us after we go, and doesn’t seem to realize that’s my worst fear, too. For whatever reason, we can’t just discuss things with them like adults, or ask if their plans have been finalized or at least given the nod by the people who have to give it. I may just do it anyway.

Started digging through Dearest Son’s boxes o’ toys with him, which seems like a waste of time since Beloved’s still saving half the stuff we were gonna sell for the house I don’t know if we’re still trying to rent or not. Gonna be a sale of 25¢ bits and bobs at this rate. Sewed a webbing strap to an old funeral home zipper bag to use as a change keeper – Beloved took one look at it, said, ‘You do know that’s an old funeral home bag, right ?’. (sigh) Well, it’s better than a cigar box on a table, I can’t find my fanny pack, and this is less expensive than buying a nail apron, what does he expect ? I suppose I could embroider a design over ‘ XXX Funeral Home, Dignity & Respect’, but I figured that side’d be bouncing against my hip for most of the sale. I was kinda proud of me for thinking of it, until his little comment.

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  1. Geez Louise Dorrie! Girl I wish there was something I could do to help! Please know that you and your are in my thoughts!!!