Saturday, October 11, 2014

Tryin' to be positive... almost succeeding.

Hopped up at 6am to see Beloved Hubby off to work – but he rolled over and went back to sleep. His boss cancelled today late last night, via text. Shoot. Now I was wide awake. May as well do some laundry ! Got three loads washed, dried, and put away before Dearest Son woke up, and cleared the mountain of dirty clothes that somehow sprouted up in the living room. Next triple-load’s already waiting for me ! And at least two more await me in baskets, but one is just sheets and bedspreads.

One of the really good things about a move is that I always lose weight during one. Even now, when we don’t know where we’re going and haven’t begun to pack, I’ve lost two pounds this week, probably from being unable to sit still for long. When I watched Netflix with Beloved Hubby last night, I was also going through all my sewing stuff, to decide what to slide to the Yard Sale side of the room. Short answer : not much, since I thinned things out considerably before we moved here, and aside from thrift store fabric, haven’t bought much. I’m starting to think that’s how FIL, who eats about three times what I do, still weighs less than me. Worry burns calories !

Have decided that we’ll no longer have room for DracuLaura’s Roadster or Frankie’s bed, but don’t worry – I won’t be selling them for pennies. Maybe $5. less than what they’re going for on eBay, and no shipping ! Thinking of keeping my Little Disney Princess- sized Rainbow Brite and selling the LDP Belle I got from the thrift store instead. Or I may sell both. Not really attached to either one, and I like the Ariel LDP better – she and Belle have the same face.

Relocated the stuff in the cracked-but-intact vintage small sewing box – the box is going in the ‘Free’ bin, every yard sale needs one – which left a buncha new patterns homeless. I have too many patterns for one box ! So I emptied a second pattern box that was being used to hold machine embroidery stuff, relocated all those items, and now, my two pattern boxes hold nothing but patterns. And both aren’t stuffed to the bursting point ! Yet.

I also got bagged up a bunch of greeting cards I’m never gonna use, a ton of envelopes I got at another yard sale years ago, and some scrapbooking stickers. I even packed all the new bubble wrap that came wrapped round the Ariel doll into a bag labelled ‘Stress Relief Kit, 25¢’. If I get a quarter a bundle, I’ll be happy. I don’t often get to do this kind of shuffling and sorting before a move, it’s normally a grab-and-go kinda thing for us, so I’m taking advantage of my nervous energy and cleaning out anything I can reach, for anything I can sell or trash. It’ll make things easier when it’s time to load the ya’ll-haul. 

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