Thursday, October 9, 2014

I think Merri'd make an adorable mermaid ! Heck, all the DP&M girls would.

Apologies to Howard Ashman(RIP)  and Alan Menken :

♪ Look, a new dress !

Isn’t it neat ? ♫

Wouldn’t you say this collection’s complete ?

Lookin’ around, I can say,
♪ “I hope so, ‘cause we’re bro-oo-ooke !”

Yeah, in my last big splurge for the foreseeable future, I snagged a discount Ariel for her dress. I now have at least one original issue wear gown / costume from each of the Disney Princess & Me dolls. I may plump that collection up later, as there’s at least two other Cinderella gowns and Tiana and Ariel both had a second outfit, if I find them inexpensively, but for now, I’m happy as it stands. Which is good, since all our fundage will be going towards the move and the aftermath for a while. The only other real doll things I still want are another pair of DP&M ice skates and the issue dress for Hi, Dottie. Someday…

Ariel herself will join Cinderella, Belle #1, and Anna in the yard sale we’re anticipating at month’s end, all redressed and with shoes. Of the four, only Belle’s not still attached to her box – she doesn’t have one, but I’ve been keeping her in Merri’s (Merida’s). Tia got her pearl earrings, and her turquoise shoes and crown are already in the props/shoe tote.

We were supposed to hear back from the apartment management co. today, but they haven’t decided yet. I remembered that they seemed to drag on a bit last time, too, so I dug through my digital journals…yup. Last time the ‘one day’ took four business days and a weekend, so I refuse to drive m’self crazy tomorrow (like I did today). If we don’t get the nod by Friday, there’s three other places I’m interested in that’ll fit our budget and needs, so it’s their loss if they keep on like this.

Meanwhile, I did dishes – then cooked three meals, so the kitchen looks almost exactly as it did when I went to bed last night. (sigh) Never an end…

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