Friday, October 3, 2014

Quartz cat memories...

Today was bright and beautiful, windy and slightly cool. I love Autumn !

While Emmy’s tires are still pretty poor, Beloved Hubby said they were OK for short trips, just make sure I have a charged cell phone with me. No problem ! Decided to drive her for the first time to Dollar Tree, and she is incredible. I have missed driving a stick ! And she shifts so easily, with just a suggestion of a touch. I now love my car.

Didn’t get much this go-round. Traded the desk calendar for a wall one – Beloved said he wouldn’t use the desk one, so I got some pretty landscapes for next year. Bought two bags of Brach’s candy for any trick-or-treaters we might get. Two pounds of wrapped candy for two bucks is a pretty good deal. And if no one comes around, all I have to do is leave it sitting out. It’ll vanish quick enough ! They didn’t have the cheese I wanted, but they had the cotton swabs and bathroom brush we needed. Also a fractions game for Dearest Son’s math class, a loaf of nice, fresh bread, Dearest’s usual ‘party snacks’ choices, and some smoked sausages for lunch. Yum !

The best find, though, was a single package of Wacky Packages erasers ! I looked all over the store for more, with no success. Ah, well, at least I got this one. They’re about perfectly sized for doll props – plus, stickers ! If you don’t like the labels the ‘cans’ and ‘boxes’ come with, they pop right off and you can print or use coupon images to replace them.

On the way home, we hit a yard sale. Not much there, but I found a lavender crystal geode, a lump of pyrite (fool’s gold), what may be turquoise, and a carved quartz cat. I used to have a nearly identical carved quartz cat, but it vanished in a move, yet here is another, in a plastic box with the other geodes, for 50¢. I also scored a How Cars Work book – Dearest was eyeing it – and a couple of burgundy fabric scraps for more pocket change. Yaaay, quartz cat ! I don’t even know why I wanted another, I was never over the moon for the original, but heck. When you see another quartz cat, grab him !

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