Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I only smothered the chicken. Honest !

Continued making plans, and did dishes. I even made plans while doing dishes, and neither are complete. But it made both activities fun, and it’s so nice to examine possibilities again. Beloved Hubby put in an application to the place we left to come here, and we’ll find out tomorrow. I am sooo hoping. Please hope with us !

Also tried a new recipe from Betty Crocker – Smothered Chicken Casserole - but I redid half of it. Kind of funny to see I do that to other properties beyond patterns, isn’t it ? Betty wanted me to do quite a bit of specialty (for us) shopping, but with little money this close to a move, it just wasn’t gonna happen. Instead of half and half, I used regular milk with powdered chicken bouillon stirred in. She wanted bacon bits, I sautéed lunchmeat ham cut up small. Completely skipped the broccoli, as no one here would eat it, and upped the pasta (thin whole wheat spaghetti instead of angel hair) to about 9oz. Also used frozen chicken breast halves (just three) we already had instead of four boneless thighs, and added a lot of garlic, plus the bits and salt at the bottom of a box of Triscuits ™ crackers. Rather a budget version, as I used a 68¢ can of cream of chicken soup, but that’s all I bought special for this.

Success ! Or at least, that’s what I call a new recipe with  no leftovers. May increase the milk and pasta next time, maybe cut the chicken smaller, for seconds or leftover lunch. Very filling, too. I was worried it wouldn’t be creamy enough with plain milk, but it wasn’t an issue. Maybe not the healthiest thing in the world to eat, but I’m pretty pleased.

And so ready for bed ! Dishes can wait ‘til tomorrow, right ? 

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