Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A very nice Tuesday.

Good day today. Ditched some jewelry – rings that were either broken or would never fit my fat fingers ever again, gifts I never really liked – to a gold buyer for sixty bucks, then bought a pneumatic nail gun tool from their showroom for Beloved Hubby for $40. I’m happy ! Honestly, I didn’t think all that stuff together was worth $20., or I’d have sold it years ago. Beloved’s super happy, ‘cause he can’t tell that the nail gun has ever been used. It works great. And I’m happy because we really didn’t spend any of our moving fund, and he really needed that thing – we just didn’t have $150. for a brand-new one.

We also picked up a stand fan from the curb on the way to the dealer, and it works great ! Much nicer than the flyweight $20. one I was always gonna buy all summer. Looked it up – this bad boy was $50. on MalWart.com. Score !

I also got a survey, so in a few days, I’ll have $15. in my PineCone account. Riches, I tell you, riches ! And Flickr evidently agreed that I did cancel my service a couple weeks ago and completely refunded my yearly fees.    Yaaay ! Stove buyer stood us up, no surprise.

We’re kind of stalled on the big move. He really wants that house, which won’t be available ‘til the first of November, if we’re lucky. And we haven’t seen the inside, or know what the landlord’s ‘work out your deposit’ terms are yet. But for now, we’re still hoping to move as soon as possible, and to that end, save as much as we can. Yard sale is still on for Friday, I’m not buying the awesome set of Frozen dolls that I like. Once all this move mess is over, oh, yeah, mine. Waited this long, few more weeks won’t hurt.

Besides, I’ve gotten so used to waiting that instant gratification for anything larger than a lollipop at our bank frankly scares me. (grin) I stash the candy to give out later. It was so great to see my last nurse’s face light up when I handed her a cherry one. Or to surprise Dearest Son when we’re waiting and bored. 

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