Sunday, October 19, 2014


Today we looked at the outside of a house that came up as available a bit late in our preferred time frame on Craigslist. It’s in a good section of PreviousTown, still has a tenant, but it’s one of those ‘can negotiate repair work for deposit’ deals, which may benefit us, or just the landlord, depending. But Beloved Hubby was curious, and called, so we’ll see how things go, once the tenant is gone and he can give the owner an estimate and schedule. If that doesn’t go well, there’s another apartment complex we like, and we still don’t know what the VA can help us with yet. We’ll have more room with the house, but also lawn upkeep, and the possibility of the ILs asking to stay with us (no way !), so Beloved’s flip-flopping about it. At this point, I don’t even care where we go, as long as it’s just the three of us going !

FIL has moved so much stuff outside for the pending (not ‘til Friday) yard sale, I had to move some of it to get in and out of my car ! I’m half convinced that, if I go anywhere Thursday, I’ll have to park down the street, because he’ll take over the driveway soon as it’s empty.

While we were out, we redeemed a coupon at Harbor Freight for a free voltmeter. We’ve needed one since Beloved’s blew out during our many attempts to repair the air conditioning. For a freebie, it’s pretty nice. Actually bought something, a wheel to replace the broken one on our hand truck, sure to come in handy between yard sale and move.

We also hit the GoodWill next door. Yikes. That place was a complete mess, stuff scattered everywhere, and most of it broken or missing parts. It seemed everyone in there was so utterly convinced that the person next to them was gonna pull some incredible find out of the dross that they hovered over entire sections. I pulled a doll’s leg up and had three pairs of eyes fastened on me like I’d found a rare antique. Nope, just a worn baby doll that was cheap when it was new. They had a Pos’n Tressy, still in the box, for $50., but that was in the display case. Too rich for the likes of me ! I was glad I didn’t find anything, the registers were even more of a mess than the store was. Not sure if I’m going back there ever again, no matter where we move. 

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