Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Things are moving - at the speed of glaciers.

We looked at two potential places today, and Beloved Hubby gave our potential move-in date as the first of December. That’s OK. Another month won’t hurt us, and will give us some time to save up for the numerous utility deposits and other things we’ll need. FIL has picked up the other utility bills for this place – we paid the $200. electric bill yesterday, so it wouldn’t be cut off Friday – but it’s up to him if he actually pays them.

We both preferred the same place (it helped that the rent was $100. more for the other), so he’s going to talk to the realtor tomorrow. We’re still going ahead with the yard sale Friday. Kind of have to, there’s too much stuff in the living room, it’s gotta go somewhere. Plus it’s growing colder – wait any longer, no one will want to leave their nice cozy warrens early in the morning in search of discount sport.

Finally got a call from my VA caseworker – I have an appointment Monday, in Capitol City. Have to bring lots of paperwork. Busy days. 

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