Monday, October 20, 2014

I keep waiting for the VA Medical Center to say they're giving up on me and all my issues...

Medical appointment today ! (sigh) Turns out, I may not have asthma after all. My lungs are smaller than they should be, and I seem to have some sort of obstruction in my airways. It’s not COPD, but I have more diagnostic tests coming up in a couple months. Kind of explains my unbreakable mouth-breathing habit. I’ve been a bit tight-chested these past few weeks, typical during seasonal changes, so they’re putting me on a daily inhaler – forgot the name of it, but I’ve seen ads – and we’ll see how I respond to that. There’s also the possibility that I’m hyper-reactive, something I’ve known for years. My body never does anything halfway. Other than that, I’ve lost a few pounds and my blood pressure is nice and low, so the doctors were pretty happy with me. And I got my flu shot, it always feels good to get that done early.

Beloved Hubby went with me, and we had some very necessary away-from-the-Pit discussion time during the drive, trying to decide between house (if it’s offered, kinda late for us, but more room, no deposit although we’ll have lawn care, more utility deposits, and the possibility of IL mooch) and apartment (less space, more noise, but no possibility of lawn or ILs). He’s leaning towards the house, which I’m OK with, long as he knows I flat refuse to live with FIL again. All three times, we’ve been the ones who bent backwards for them, and all three times we’ve been eating beans while they’re hiding their McD’s bags. Not to mention all the stress and lies. I refuse to try again, I just can’t live with FIL. Which I have said, and said again today, straight up, no hinting or beating around a beat-up bush, several times with explanations why. He says he understands, here’s hoping it’s not ever gonna be an issue. Frankly, after all FIL has put us through, I can’t imagine anybody who would have the huevos to even expect a darn dime from us, but this is my FIL we’re talking about. He seems shameless. I confess, I hide Beloved’s wallet most nights, which is pretty darn sad when you think about why.

Haven’t heard anything from the Housing Vets, but it probably won’t be ‘til Wednesday at the earliest. But my phone is rarely more than five inches away, and I’ve kept it charged. It still seems a bit odd for me to have a private only-for-me phone, since I grew up with not only a single ‘house’ phone, but party lines ! Anybody else remember your mamma eavesdropping on those things ? :) Someone’s supposed to come look at the stove tomorrow, but as we’ve already been stood up twice by two other buyers, I’ll believe when I see. Although $5. will get you $5.05 that, if they show up, they'll ask for a few bucks off our stupid low price on it.

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